Thoughts on the Apple Watch: An Early Adopter’s Perspective


When I said I was buying an Apple Watch and no one could stop me, I didn’t lie. I’ve had it for a few days now, and I have some thoughts…

Before I say anything else, I have to mention the wait for this watch and how it was unlike anything else I have ever experienced.

In the past, whenever Apple has unveiled a new phone or a product I’m going to definitely want, the wait has been relatively short. With the Watch, however, it was all a waiting game. First it was announced, then we waited for the keynote. Then there was the keynote, and we waited to preorder. Then – most excruciating of all – we waited for the product to arrive.

I won’t lie. In the days after the preorder (and mostly in the final days before my delivery window), I spent hours on both the Macrumors Apple Watch forums and the Apple and Apple Watch subreddits. I compared delivery dates, order progress. It was maddening, but I couldn’t stop. The day of delivery – this past Friday – I stayed in my office for an extra almost two hours, watching the glass doors for the UPS truck.

It arrived, though. I am an Apple Watch owner.

To say I expected this or that from this watch would be unfair. I haven’t regularly worn a watch since high school – so I didn’t really know WHAT to expect.

But for all my stunted expectations, I can already tell this watch is going to change so many things about my life.

I love being able to leave my phone in another room without worrying I will miss a text. I love getting a tap on my wrist to show that someone is thinking of me. I love the reminders that urge me to get off my duff and move around a little bit.

The Watch definitely is taking some adjustment time. There are bugs in the operating system here and there, and I’m learning which notifications I need sent to my wrist and which can wait until I look at my phone. I didn’t think about whether or not I would immediately be in sync with my new device, but I completely was not. Becoming acquainted with new tech is something I really enjoy, though (I’m one of those people who loves Facebook redesigns), so it’s a fun time for me.

I can say with conviction that I’m only going to love this device more as the kinks are remedied. I’m excited to see what new developments the Apple Watch brings to my wrist.

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