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Featured Writer R.J. Sills morphs our Tuesdays into Toku Tuesday with this week’s dino-charged article!


Hey, JUG Heads! Since my article “Legacy Of Power” did so well last week, we have decided to make Toku Tuesday a weekly article series. I’ll be covering a variety of topics involving tokusatsu, including Power Rangers and Toku seasons and movies. Be sure to use the hashtag #TokuTuesday on your various social media! My subject this week is the newest and upcoming Power Ranger season, “Dino Charge.”

The twenty-second entry into this franchise goes back to the roots of the show: a dinosaur theme! “Power Rangers Dino Charge” is an adaptation of the 2013 “Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger” from Japan. The story starts on prehistoric Earth, where an alien gave twelve dinosaurs powerful items known as Energems for safekeeping. However, when the mighty beasts all went extinct, these Energems were lost. Fast forward to the present day, when an intergalactic bounty hunter arrives to claim the artifacts for himself and destroy the planet while he’s at it. To counter this threat, five heroes are chosen to use the power of the dinosaurs and defend our world.

Set to premiere in February 2015, not many details are currently known about the show, but we do know who our heroes will be. Brennan Mejia will star as the Red Ranger, James Davies as the Black Ranger, Yoshi Sudarso as the Blue Ranger, Michael Taber as the Green Ranger, and Camille Hyde as the Pink Ranger. The character names are not known yet, but these are the Power Rangers destined to defend us all for the next couple of years. Before this season ends, however, we will have at least ten Rangers total: the colors Gold, Cyan, Gray, Violet, and Silver are also joining this team, so get ready for a ton of brightly colored fight scenes! Not much is known about the villains yet, but thanks to toy information found by @razzle1337, the “Kyoryuger” villain Dogold will be known as Fury in the American version.

“Super Megaforce,” the current Ranger team, is based off of “Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger the Sentai,” and after it was “Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters.” This was a spy-themed season, and Saban Brands has stated that they realize dinosaurs will sell better than spies, so ‘Go-Busters” was passed over for adaptation. It has also been said that, since Go-Busters had little to no toy merchandise to sell, Kyoryuger was a better option given its diverse toyline already. Saban Brands has said that they will be putting elements of “Go-Busters” into the new season, but how much we will get is unknown. This is not the first time a Sentai season was passed over in favor of dinos. The original, “Mighty Morphin,” was obviously dino-themed, and instead of Saban adapting the next set of suits from “Dairanger” in Japan, they kept the zords and the sixth Ranger suit to replace Green Ranger. It is anyone’s guess as to what, if anything, will be adapted from “Go-Busters” into “Dino Charge” alongside “Kyoryuger.” But until then, may the power protect us all before February of next year on Nickelodeon!

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