#TokuTuesday – #LCTC2015 Edition!


It’s morphin’ time! Don’t miss this week’s #TokuTuesday – #LCTC2015 Edition!

LCTC2015 Toku

This weekend was the 2015 Lexington Comic and Toy Convention in Lexington, KY. Fun was had, friends were made, and money was spent.

Tokusatsu wise, there were a LOT of guests and merchandise. Not only were the Power Rangers there, three of the Zyurangers, and two stars of the original Ultraman were also there!

A full list of the Toku actors and actresses can be found here.


It is amazing to know that a small convention just four years old has grown enough to have gotten five Japanese guests (for the first time!) in the USA. I did not have the chance to meet any of them but a few of my friends did, and from what I saw they were awesome and seemed to enjoy themselves.

I was able to meet Austin St. John, Dan Southworth, and Kerrigan Mahan and all three were great guys. Austin’s line might have been a huge wait, but it was well worth it. He took the time to listen to everyone’s story because he did not want anyone to feel skipped.


It was cool to meet Dan Southworth, as he was one of the baddest Rangers ever — huge props to Rangerstop for getting him to come.


Kerrigan is a guy who will make you laugh so much you will forget what you started talking about. I met him first thing Friday night and got a picture with him Saturday, and both times he was awesome.

I was even able to meet Eric Berry (trekkieb47) of Ranger Command Power Hour and got to hang out with him for most of the weekend. Along with Eric, I met (for the second time) Jordan aka Den-O of TokuNation and the Talkin’ Toku podcast, both good friends and great guys. Thanks to Eric, I met PRGenerations and RangerGrant from Twitter.

There were lots of other folks I met – that’s what is always awesome about conventions like this.

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The Q&A panels were even better than last year: Turbo, Ultraman, Paul Freeman, David Yost, ASJ, Bulk and Skull, MMPR, Zyuranger, MMPR Baddies, and of course, the After Dark 18+ panel… a few I did not attend due to time. The Turbo panel was excellent because I got to see some Rangers that were not Mighty Morphin’. The MMPR panel was the usual style of questions, nothing new really –until Paul Freeman showed up and yelled his signature lines from the movie. Later at the Baddies panel, Zedd, Rita, and Goldar were joined by Ransik and they easily topped the two previous panels, ending with Kerrigan hinting at some news for the future…

Saturday was the After Dark panel. NO recording devices or cell phones allowed. Rangers uncensored, that is all I will say. I will also say that if you get the chance to attend one of these, GO FOR IT.


Austin St John’s panel Sunday was a great way to end the weekend, he told a hilarious story about the ATVs while filming on set. Sadly, I left before the Zyuranger panel, but RangerCommand will have it on YouTube later along with some of the other panels.

It would not be a convention without spending money, and I spent a good amount. However, I did find a few holy grail morphers so it was all good. I was able to find a Wolf Morpher from Jungle Fury and a Gourai Changer from Hurricanger, also known as the Thunder Morpher from Ninja Storm. It feels great to own those, proudly displayed beside my newest autographs. Most everything was well priced for con and imports, and I was hugely excited at the amount of Kamen Rider toys compared to last year. Even Rangerstop had some Rider belts!


Even better this weekend, I met Josh from here at JustUsGeeks, got to talk to him longer than the five minutes I did last year, alongside meeting his wife Emily and the Governor himself. I was also fortunate enough to meet Logan and James, and I found out Logan has seen some Kamen Rider! I convinced him to buy a Figuart of Kamen Rider 1, Deluxe W and Wizard Lock Seed set, and a W belt. The JUG heads are great, and I’m glad to be a part of this website.

That ends the Toku recap of Lex Con 2015. If you were at Lex Con, let us know over @JustUsGeeks! The rest of the guys will give their thoughts on this week’s episode, recapping all of LCTC 2015.

Until next year, folks!

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