Transformers G1 Sixshot Asia exclusive reissue official photos


One of my favorite Transformers of all time is about to be re-released……in Asia.  If you were a Transformers fan in the 80’s, you know what a big deal triple changers were; robots that transformed into two different vehicle modes and back to a robot.  Imagine our surprise when Sixshot showed up and could turn into 6 different modes!  I will never forget opening this toy for the first time.  He came in a huge box, the figure was impressive in stature, and the instruction booklet was sealed, claiming it’s top secret nature and asking you to try and find all 6 modes by yourself first.  Sixshot’s reissue presentation will be no different.  He comes in a beautiful box and his weapons are chromed, unlike the flat gray of his first release.  Check out the photos here, and if you’d like to buy your favorite Transformers Geek one of these, please let me know!  Speculation is that the figure will be released near the end of this month in Japan.  You can still preorder at several online retailers.


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