Transformers Prime released in Japan


Following our talk about the Prime/Arms Micron line last week on the podcast, news has broken that the toyline has made it’s debut in Japan.  So far, TFW2005 has detailed pics up of:

  • AM-01 Optimus Prime
  • AM-02 Bumblebee
  • AM-03 Cliffjumper
  • AM-04 Ratchet
  • AM-06 Skywarp
  • Prime EZ Collection

Most notable in the pictures, most of which are collected in this post at TFW2005 (more are found in the blog links at the post) are the lack of paint apps, the sticker sheets, and the minicon partners, who must be manually assembled as you take them out of the box.

So, what do you think?  Would you rather have the releases of Prime that we have here in America, or these releases, with stickers and minicons?

(HT to TFW2005 and Japanese blogger Alfes2000 for these pics)

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