Transformers Tuesday 5/14/13 – Beast Hunters returns, Abominus giftset revealed, Generations Sandstorm, and more!


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“Jazz to Moonbase 2! It’s Transformers Tuesday!”

It’s that time again, folks!  Time for Marty to swoop in and drop some Transformers knowledge and leave you in a smokescreen of news! (see what I did there?) Not only will we see the return of our favorite beast hunting bots to television this week, but we’ve got a ton of product pics and news to go through, so let’s get started!

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters “Project Predacon” airs this Friday!

After a too long hiatus from new episodes (more than a week is too long!), Autobots and Decepticons will clash again this Friday on The Hub at 7:30 p.m. CST/8:30 p.m. EST.  Check out the synopsis to the episode:

As the Autobots adjust to new group dynamics within their expanded lineup, the Decepticons launch a new scheme to clone an army of beasts.

Also, here’s an extended preview of the episode (with new Smokescreen deco!) via a promo that aired on The Hub:


In yet another attempt to take over the building toy market, Hasbro’s Constructabots subline marches on with all new molds!  They look……….interesting. Check out some pics here:

break1 break2 cliff1 cliff2 dead1 dead2 drag1 drag2 shock1 shock2 silver1 silver2 smoke1 smoke2

Generations Dreadwing prototype flies in:

After being picked out in a crowd of Decepticons in a recent issue of IDW’s ongoing Transformers series, we now have official confirmation that we will be getting a Generations Dreadwing toy, modeled off the stealth bomber vehicle mode of Megatron, who will release first.  Fear not, if you don’t like these colors, because they are simply a test shot for the final production figure, using leftover plastics and colors from other molds.  The final toy will probably share the dark blue and red of the original G2 release, if IDW’s comic is to be believed.  Yay for Dreadwing!

dread1 dread2 dread3

Generations Sandstorm, a remold of Generations Springer, on it’s way:

To go along with other upcoming Generations releases, we are also going to be getting another triple changer, this time in the form of late 80’s line figure Sandstorm, the helicopter/dunebuggy/robot!  An extensive retoolof the Springer mold, Sandstorm gets a new head, no rotors, large back tires, and VTOL engines.  For sure, this will be one to pick up!

sand1 sand2 sand3

Lastly, we’re getting a COMBINER!

If you didn’t know already, those little Cyberverse legion Predacons are supposed to combine.  Sneaky, sneaky, Hasbro, because you aren’t including that detail in their instructions!  Two of the 5 components have already been released, Twinstrike and Hun-gurrr, who form the left arm and torso respectively.  However, if you’ve missed them, or just want to wait to get all five, your local Target store will have this giftset in stock later on this year!  You can see the combined mode, all 5 figures, and the box below.  Target’s special edition figures come with translucent purple weapons and translucent parts on the figures themselves.

abominus1 abominus2 abominus3That just about wraps up this week’s news!  Check back next week for more photos, more news, and of course, more Transformers!

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