Ubisoft Announces Free Rayman Legends Challenge Mode for Wii U users


Disappointed with the delay and now “non-exclusive” status for Wii U’s Rayman Legends, still the only game available as a demo on most Wii U kiosks, and the shining hope for a lot of gamers who picked up the console?  Well, join the majority.  Ubisoft has a solution, though, and it should make the wait until September a little bit easier for fans of the no-limbed hero and his cast of companions.

According to the video, Ubisoft heard the cries of all those outraged by the delay, including a few fans who picketed out in front of the studio’s offices, and have decided to release a challenge mode for free to Wii U owners as a way of saying sorry.  Challenges will update weekly with the ability to track how you’re doing, see all the trophies you’ve earned, and even send challenges to specific friends.  That’s not bad for the golden cost of FREE, but part of me still wonders if Xbox 360 and PS3 owners won’t end up getting the same thing early, or if they’ll have to wait until the game’s retail release.

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