Uh-oh! Nintendo posts huge loss for the last year


If you have listened to our last couple of podcasts, you know that the Geeks have some serious misgivings about Nintendo and it’s next console in particular.  Well, we might not be that off base, if today’s financial numbers are to be believed.  According to Joystiq, Nintendo has posted a $461.2 million dollar loss, the largest in the company’s history, which is mostly due in part to such a sluggish start to 3DS sales.  Nintendo is currently selling it’s handheld at a loss, and expects to be profitable by August of this year….but geez, folks….this isn’t the Nintendo that many people fell in love with during the 80’s and 90’s.  I wouldn’t say that you need to roll out the gravestones just yet, but if this downward trend continues, how long until we are playing Mario on another console?

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