Will there be a day I can’t buy used games anymore?




Rumors from multiple sources all across them internets are all clamoring about one topic that I can’t let go of anymore. Will there be a day I can’t buy used games anymore? Its already become a punishable offense by most game companies to purchase a used copy of their newest Call of Duty clone. You want to play online? You want to access ALL of the game? Well that’s fine, unless you bought it used. If you bought it used, you’re going to have to pay an additional ten dollars. Or points. Or whatever. A further punch to the gut is coming from the rumors that future consoles may be UNABLE to play used games. A DRM system, if you will, that will restrict used games to only those brave enough to mod illegally their consoles.


Is this what it’s coming to? Are used games destroying profits so much for companies that it’s going to be technologically robbed from us? I really hope not, but its a subject I’m going to be keeping a close eye on. Believe it or not readers, the Just Us Geeks crew are four poor men… and sometimes scratching up enough coin to buy a used game without our wives noticing is the best chance we have.


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