3 million iPads sold over the weekend


Apple has released weekend sales stats that show over 3 million new iPads were sold during last weekends release of the new iPad Mini and the 4th gen iPad. This number is a combination of both WIFI only models, and as CEO Tim Cook notes, is almost double the number sold at the release of the 3rd gen iPad. This number will only increase in the coming weeks as the tech giant releases cellular versions of both devices.  This is good news for Apple, butI would love to see the further breakdown of sales to see which model sold best, because I’m willing to bet that the Mini is more popular than anyone realizes.

I traded in my 3rd gen iPad for an iPad Mini over the weekend so far I have to say that I really enjoy it.  The weight is ridiculous light, it’s perfectly thin, and yes, it doesn’t have retina display but the visuals are nice and it just feels nice to hold for extended periods of time in your hand, which was one major gripe I had with the 3rd gen iPad, as holding it for extended periods of time could get cumbersome.  The Mini is also the perfect device for gaming in the Apple family, as the screen is big enough to see the action, but small enough that your hands don’t feel worlds apart.  Time will tell whether I like the Mini better than the original, but for now, I’m extremely pleased with my decision to trade.

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