Aaron Sorkin fires “Newsroom” writing staff



It seems viewers aren’t the only ones wishing The Newsroom would hurry up and get its act together…

Word has leaked today that the shows creator/writer/producer Aaron Sorkin has let almost the entire writing staff go heading in to the already-ordered second season of the show. The “almost” refers to Corrine Kinsbury, the sole remaining writer, whom many sites are reporting was once romantically linked with Sorkin.

Josh and Jared here at the Geeks are big fans of both Sorkin and The Newsroom, but were just discussing the other day how we wish he’d decide what kind of show he was making… a slapstick romantic comedy, or a true behind the scenes of a newscast. Right now the show is still trying to balance those two out, but (in my opinion at least) still has to work to do in making his leading female characters a little more three dimensional.

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