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Do you own a WiiU? Want to know when the latest Smash Bros. debuts?

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During last week’s Nintendo Direct, there was at least a little clarity offered as to when Nintendo loyalists will be able to get their hands on Nintendo’s ultimate fighting franchise, and the answer doesn’t seem to be pleasing even the most loyal Nintendo fan boys.

In a really weird move, Nintendo has announced that Smash Bros. will be released on not just different days for both 3DS and WiiU system owners, but different quarters. 3DS owners will have the opportunity to pick up the game in “Summer 2014”, while WiiU owners must wait until “Winter 2014”.

In what many expected to be a console-seller, what does the separate releases do for Nintendo? Does it help or hurt the chances of getting their home console system into the homes of more gamers for Holiday Season 2014?

We want to hear from you! Let us know your opinion, and whether you would consider buying a WiiU or 3DS just for Smash Bros.!

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