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Here’s another Blast From The Past! episode of the podcast, featuring the best cold open sketch in JUG History! Listen today!


Listen to our Blast From The Past! episode here!

After a decent amount of interest after posting the long-lost Episode 1 of the podcast last week, I’ve decided to republish (at least) one more of our earlier episodes, and I chose this episode specifically.

Here’s the original episode description from August 3rd, 2012:

Boldly going where no Geek has gone before, today the crew of set out on a mission to bring you all the Geeky knowledge you need. Topics this week include rebooting the Batman Nolan-verse, Windows 8 backlash, Video Games preview for the remainder of 2012, and most importantly YOUR QUESTIONS!

So what’s so important about this particular episode of the podcast? Lots.

As I’ve said before, we are incredibly fortunate to have our good friend the Audio Governor of Technical Ministries always on-hand here for JUG, but he isn’t actually a founding member of the show. The Guv, as we call him, joined us for Episode 6 of the podcast and didn’t look back. Episode 19 is one of the most important episodes of the podcast’s early days because for really the first time you can hear the Guv’s effects on the show in our cold open.

The cold open took quite a while to write and produce, but it’s still probably my favorite one I ever was a part of with our early group, and I’m not even featured in it! With this sketch, and the production quality it has, I knew then that the JustUs Geeks had the potential to be special.

Even if you don’t listen to the entire episode, check out this incredible cold open written by all of the Founders, myself, and the Guv; the final product, however, is why he’s now the Audio Governor of Technical Ministries of

What did you think? Should we highlight past episodes of the podcast? Let us know, otherwise these episodes will be going into our JUG Vault and they will not return! Share the love today!

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