By the Power of Greyskull, new He-Man comic series will have the Power!



DC Comics announced the triumphant return of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to its pages in an upcoming 6-issue limited series. (You do remember that He-Man once battled a Skeletor-controlled Superman before, right?)










Anyway, this new series begins with Skeletor having already won and ruling Eternia from Castle Greyskull. It seems as if no one can threaten his reign, until a mysterious Sorceress approaches a lowly farmer named Adam and tells him things aren’t as they are supposed to be… he is no farmer, he is a Prince. Oh, and he is also supposed to be the champion of Eternia, the warrior known as He-Man!

See, turns out Skeletor has cast some sort of spell and re-wrote reality to his whims. So Adam must seek out his Power Sword and become He-Man once again, as well as convince his fellow memory wiped Masters of the Universe to help him fight off Skeletor and reclaim Castle Greyskull!

Sounds like an interesting set up for a new story, and even if it’s just a limited series I’ll definitely be checking it out. I love me some He-Man, as you can see from this picture in my Office of all the 2003-era Masters of the Universe figures on display:


Check out an interview with the writer of the comic over at MTV Geek.

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