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Comic Review Friday…on Saturday!

The last two weeks have been quite a whirlwind for me personally. With working more hours than usual and moving into a new apartment, sadly, the last weeks comic review had to be pushed to the side. In order to make up for this, I have not one but two reviews for you wonderful readers.

Invincible #103

Finally, Angstrom Levy is back. For the last forty or so issues we have been dealing with the lead up, happening and fall out of the Viltrumite War, and it is nice to finally get back to Mr. Levy, the greatest Invincible enemy. Honestly, Levy did not play much of a role in the issue until the very end, but he makes a big impact by assaulting the pregnant Eve and warping Mark to the usual desert realm, where another version of Mark is cannibalizing other versions of himself. One of the interesting aspects to Levy as a villain is that he is nearly untouchable by Mark due to his ability to teleport others. This was the perfect re-introduction for the character, and after several issues of set-up it was nice to see where everything is leading.

Levy was not the only villain to return this issue, though. A clone of the Mauler twins (were they not clones in the first place?) also made his reappearance in this issue. After his reveal in Guarding the Globe volume 2, it was nice to see him grace the pages of Invincible once again, but it seemed to marginalize his place in the Invincible Universe. I can forgive this though, considering Kirkman has a knack for introducing characters in cameo roles, then giving them a larger role later in the series. We can only hope that he will do this for Mauler.

The biggest complaint for the issue is that even with the explosive ending, the issue was still mostly set-up. This has really been a problem with Kirkman books lately. It seems that he is building to some pretty big moments, but he is spending a lot of time setting up these moments. If you are an avid Kirkman fan, you should be used to this, and be able to look over it easily.

Overall, as usual, this issue was an exciting ride from beginning to end, with just a couple of minor hiccups. I give it four cannibalized Marks out of five.

Morning Glories #28

Honest confession: I still have no idea what is going on in this book, but have mercy, it just keeps pulling me in. Before every issue I tell myself that if the book does not start making sense that I’m going to stop reading. Every issue I get more and more confused, but I cannot help but wait eagerly for the next. Why? Because I am honestly convinced that Nick Spencer is an evil genius, who has a plan to blow our minds with a fantastic explanation before issue 100, when the series is set to end. And, it seems that this issue is the beginning of our understanding, because I am starting to figure out, to a certain degree, what is going on.

So when we left off from issue 27, the students that had been whisked away to the future were back in the present, Casey, who was in the past and was her own teacher in the present, was back to the present and somehow back to her original age, Hunter was still in the far future with future Jade, and Irina was preparing to start a war with the Morning Glories faculty with present Jade and Ike in tow. Are you confused yet? Good, so am I.

We get some back story on how Casey got her younger body back in the present, but really no answers. The whole sequence really just reiterated that we cannot trust Miss Hodge. This was definitely the weakest part of the issue. It really just seemed out of place. I understand that it is important to know how Casey stopped being Miss Clarkson and went back to her younger body, but for a series that relies so heavily on supernatural forces, it seemed to me that Hunter resetting time was a good enough of an explanation.

The biggest part of the issue dealt with Hunter getting an explanation from Jade about how Irina’s insurrection was going to destroy the school. During the explanation Hunter started having dreams similar to what Descartes (the philosopher, wiki him, he’s pretty awesome) had. The three dreams in particular were said to have changed Descartes path, with the implication being that Hunter’s path was changing. This was, surprisingly, one of the least confusing sequences that this book has had in a while. Mostly thanks to Future Jade holding our hand through the explanation. Maybe Spencer is starting to realize that the confusing nature of the book can be somewhat overwhelming.

Overall, this was really your typical Morning Glories issue. Very few questions were answered, and new questions arose. This book was inspired by LOST, and it is already more convoluted giving me little hope to questions ever being answered, but once again I trust Spencer, and sincerely hope he has a plan. I give issue 28 two and half time paradoxes out of five.

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