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When I first read The Mighty Titan #1, I knew the Joe Martino had something special that would resonate with people, because most people at some point have had to deal with cancer in some form, whether it be a family member who was diagnosed, or themselves. Issue one did not have much room to actually deal with the cancer, but issue two gets start to the meat of the matter. We see Titan figuring out how to pay for his treatment, wondering how to tell his kids and scheduling his chemo appointments. It really hits home this issue that our hero’s life is in danger, and it may not be the vile Trenchmouth that delivers the killing blow.

Martino writes with heavy emotion in this issue. I felt very somber as I delved into the story, and by the end I was left concerned for Titan’s future. Martino provides some awesome perspective to Titan’s initial discovery of his cancer, primarily because Martino is a cancer survivor himself. Despite focusing on the cancer this issue, he still found room to continue the Trenchmouth storyline, which based on the reveal close to the end, could be making his move soon.

The art is absolutely amazing once again. Luca Cicchitti is perfect for this project, and I am not sure that any other artist could do Titan justice. Honestly, the art feels like it should belong on a much more light hearted book, but that is part of its charm. The art is light and simple, while the story is emotionally heavy. Its a great balance for a comic team to strike, and very few ever do.

Kickstarter is an amazing tool, and I am glad that story tellers like Martino are able to get their books out because of it. I personally backed Martino in his campaign for issue 2, and it was definitely worth it. I hope that Martino can continue to fund his writing and put out issues like this. I give it a four out of five stars.

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