Demand vs Supply: Battle for Apple Watch


Lots of people thought that the world wasn’t ready for a piece of tech like the Apple Watch. Seems like those people were more wrong than we could have guessed.

Apple Watch

According to an article on earlier today, the massive response to Apple’s preorder for its newest device could mean brick-and-mortar buyers face an even longer wait than originally anticipated.

Preorders (online only for the “duration of the launch”) for the Apple Watch opened at 12:01 Cupertino time on April 10. Within the first hour – within minutes, for some models – the shipping/delivery dates began to slip back from the 04/24 -05/08 window, and as of this writing every single Apple Watch model is sporting a shipping date window of at least 4-6 weeks, with the majority of popular models not shipping until June.

While it’s always been the case that the shipping dates can be flexible and are generally designed to under-promise and over-deliver, with all of the demand slammed on this first offering, will there even be stock available to purchase in person on April 24th?

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