Disney and Pixar reportedly gearing up for “Finding Nemo 2”



Word is Disney wants some more Finding Nemo… and that they have lured back the writer of the first film, Andrew Stanton to direct it.

Are we looking at a “Home Alone 2” scenario where poor Nemo finds himself lost again? Or will Nemo be the dad this time around and gets separated from his kid?

As long as they get Ellen Degeneres back to play Dori, count me on board!

Let’s just hope these rumors aren’t baiting us! (ok, I’ll stop with the fishing puns now)

Victoria Strause is reportedly the new screenwriter. She doesn’t have a huge IMDB résumé, but I’m assuming Stanton will be guiding her along.

How do you feel about all of the Pixar sequels these days? Wish they’d stick to original films, or are you just glad to revisit these film worlds? Give us a call at 707-OK-GEEKS and let us know what you think!

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