Episode 147: Everything Is Awesome


In a surprising move, the Geeks were also snubbed for Oscars, but this week’s podcast makes up for it.

Everything Is Awesome

Fine, we admit we weren’t actually expecting a nomination for our Harlem Shake video, because that was in 2013. We know that you will enjoy this week’s non-award winning episode of the podcast about winning, and losing, awards!

Our conversation kicks off this week with YOUR answers to our #TweetTheGeeks Question of the Week about the Oscar noms unless you missed your opportunity to respond. This week’s question brought about lots of discussion, both good and bad, and leads the conversation right into this week’s featured topic: the Golden Globe winners and losers, and our geeky take on the Oscar’s biggest surprises and snubs.

Oh, by the way, play along with the Geeks and pick your Oscar winners! Let us know who you pick, and we’ll crown the winner King Movie Geek on an episode of the show!

You don’t want to miss the second half of the show; it’s all about your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Has Sony given up ongoing rights to Marvel’s missing piece of their cinematic universe? The guys break down all of the rumors about the swap and unveil their picks on who will replace Andrew Garfield…or do they?

Remember that time Logan saved That’s My Jam? We do too, and it’s back again this week!

Every segment has a beginning and end, and we think that Apps of the Week has seen it’s last days; so we’re turning to you. The Geeks need your help to create a new segment for the end of the show! Let us know your segment ideas!

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