Power Glove — (sort of) back from the dead!


Could the Power Glove possibly be poised for a comeback?

Power Glove

Do you remember the Power Glove from Nintendo? Don’t feel bad if you don’t, because this guy found a new use for it and it’s pretty awesome!

First, some background for everyone too young to remember. The Power Glove was an officially licensed controller for the Nintendo game console, and basically, it’s what it says it is — a glove that fits over your hand and forearm. It was difficult to use and not very precise, and needless to say it didn’t catch like it was hoped it would. Alas, the Power Glove seemed destined to the annals of failed tech gadgets.

However, animator Dillon Markey has found a way to breathe new life into the Power Glove. Markey, who makes stop motion animation, found that his traditional method of filming a single frame (which involved moving between his computer, the camera, and the puppet stage) was terribly inefficient. Enter the PG. With some help from an electrical engineer, he was able to equip the PG with Bluetooth and a pair of tweezers for the tiny adjustments needed to his puppets.

So now, the PG lives on, at least for one man. Maybe PG mods will catch on, I guess we’ll see. Do you guys have any ideas for a Power Glove? Hit us with your ideas in the comments.

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