Episode 152: Serial


This week’s episode has the Geeks finally diving into Serial.



So what about the Nisha the call? The Geeks dive head first this week into the most popular podcast of all time, Serial, for this week’s episode.

Before the guys discuss Mail Krimp’s finest hour, they take time to talk about your answers to the #TweetTheGeeks Question of the Week! The Geeks always need your answers; look out for the weekly questions on Facebook and Twitter.

The guys discuss what they like and didn’t like about Serial, and it’s revealed which Geek hasn’t listened to the series. All possibilities are explored in this episode as to what happened that January afternoon in 1999 for 21 minutes.

Josh also reveals details about a long-expected interview with one of the series major players, Rabia Chaudry. Check out her site here! Also don’t forget our take on Jay Wilds’ interview with The Intercept.

The guys also talk about a brand new weekly feature here on the site, so make sure you check out all the details on Podspot!

A new segment is also revealed this week, so make sure you stick around for it before That’s My Jam!

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