TokuTuesday – Shuriken Sentai Ninninger has premiered!



The newest Sentai has aired in Japan, and the fansubs will be up later this week. However, if you were able to catch a livestream as it aired in Japan, you saw it before others. I was lucky enough to catch the last half – mostly the henshin (morph/transformation) sequence and the Robo fight. Ninningers use a sword and shuriken to morph, which creates a cool scene. The first fight scene was nice to see, focusing on the fighting more than gimmick this time. Then we get to the giant robot, one of the things I mainly look at when I judge a Sentai or Ranger season. A giant ninja, dragon, dump truck, train, and a dog all combine to form Shurikenjin. Sounds great huh? The combining formation is fun to watch as well.


I can’t say much more until I see it subbed so I can understand, but later this year we have a cowboy joining the ninjas, so who knows how crazy – or serious – this show will get? You never know with these things…


Have you seen the newest Sentai? Will you miss ToQger? Are you just a Power Ranger fan and are just ready to be charged up every week instead? Whatever your preference, enjoy Toku, enjoy JustUsGeeks, and enjoy life. Shuriken Henge!


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