Episode 158: All About Wrestling


Oooohhh yeaaaaahhh, brother! The Geeks finally did a podcast about wrestling!

Episode 158 Featured

You spoke. We listened.

You’ve all voiced your geeky opinions for quite a while, and we listened; this week’s episode is all about wrestling! So for Episode 158, the Geeks tackle the most requested topic for this week’s show, but not without a little help. Our good friend Eric Plunk returns to the show, and bringing with him a formidable tag-team partner in Jeremy Hudson.

To start the show, the Geeks enter the match on the heels of a swere, where #TweetTheGeeks is in reverse! We asked our guests this week’s question of the week, and gave our own geeky answers, but now it’s your turn!

So, LET’S HEAR FROM YOU! This week’s question: If you could pick your own wrestler introduction theme music, what would it be and why?

The first half of the show is dedicated to our guests, as they talk about some of their greatest wrestling memories, and talk about the early days of wrestling. If you’re a wrestling fan, you won’t want to miss this conversation.

I’m sure you may be saying to yourself, “Well, words on the screen, what if I don’t like wrestling?” Ah! Great question! This episode is STILL for you! Everything you need to know, and might have always wondered about sports entertainment, is right here for you!

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After the break, Eric and Jeremy discuss where they think the future of wrestling, not just the WWE, is heading! Don’t miss it!

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