The Inn Is Now Open: A Review Of Puppet Master: The Offering


Horror fan? Comic fan? Both? Check out our review of Action Lab: Danger Zone’s latest release, Puppet Master: The Offering.

Puppet Master Review

It was 1989, George Bush Sr. was the president of the United States, the Simpsons hit tv for the first time, and horror fans were given their first look into the Bodega Bay Inn, thanks to David Schmoeller’s cult classic – Puppet Master.

Puppet Master is an amazing horror film that spawned nine sequels and was in talks for a remake during 2009. The plot follows puppeteer Andre Toulon’s stringless puppets on their quest to protect and defend their master even after his death.

I was always a fan of the Puppet Master movies; when I was younger the movies scared me, but as I grew up I found them fun.

Like most horror movies, they continued on long past their original plot, so as a fan you still want to know just what those crazy puppets – Blade and Pinhead – are up to. So imagine my geeky horrorfan delight when I found out that Action Lab: Danger Zone was publishing a three part miniseries entitled: Puppet Master: The Offering.

Writer Shawn Gabborin of Zombie Tramp and artist Michela Da Sacco of Heavy Weapon came together to give horror fans a little taste of the past; I for one will be coming back for more.

As soon as I saw the cover and started reading that first page, I felt like I was ten years old again, staying up late with a stack of horror videos. The plot is a classic B-rated horror movie formula, a group of young adults plan a trip to an abandoned hotel to take part in young adult activities, like drinking and premarital hanky panky. Sadly for our young thrill seeking group, they are not alone at the Bodega Bay Inn.

This tale takes place years after the movies, set in the modern day, and all of Andre Toulon’s little friends have returned. But why? What reason could they have to return to the hotel after all these years (well, besides leaving a body count along the California coast line)?

This comic pulls you in from the very start. It’s bloody, cheesy, and fun – just what a horror fan is looking for in a comic book.

It’s a three part story, so all our questions will be answered in just two more issues.

Puppet Master: The Offering is $3.99. I’m growing with the times and have accepted that comics won’t ever be $1.99 again. It’s worth picking up just to find out what the puppets are up to, who they are working for now, and just why, oh why, do people go to abandoned buildings to do the hanky panky? No really, what’s wrong with staying at home?

If you enjoy the Puppet Master movies, if you’re a fan of B-rated horror movies, or if you just want a fun mature comic, pick this one up today.

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