Episode 175: On Broadway


The curtain is up on this week’s episode featuring special guest Dan Marsh. Theatre geeks unite!

This week’s episode is all about theatre, and we couldn’t have picked a better topic for our most featured guest for the last 175 episodes, Dan Marsh. Dan sits in for Logan, who is away at GenCon (yes, he’s really at GenCon; no fictional demise involved. Yet.).

The conversation begins this week with a bit of breaking news, as we had just learned about the closing and bankruptcy of a major film studio! Who is it? Have you seen any of their films?

As you’ll recall in last week’s episode, James’ Future Jam of the Week! was co-hosting the local community theatre’s awards show with Dan, and we take the opportunity to talk about our love of theatre in this week’s episode. Dan won a lifetime achievement award, so he’s basically useless now, right? Wrong! The geeky theatre conversation is incredible in this week’s episode.

But wait…how is theatre geeky? It’s not a computer, video game, or superhero movie!? Join the conversation in the large first half of the show as the Geeks plus Dan talk about their love of theatre, how they got started in live theatre, and some of the crazy horror stories they’ve experienced. Don’t forget: JustUs Geeks 2.0 formed because of a community theatre production, after all.

Maybe you’ve not ever done a play, or haven’t even seen one. Maybe you’ve wanted to audition, but aren’t really sure how? This week’s episode is for you! You don’t want to miss out on this fun-filled conversation!

We also slightly bring back a former segment of the show, and close by letting you know we will always love you!


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