Episode 176: Tokusatsu


In this week’s episode the Geeks get a lesson in Tokusatsu!

Longtime friend of the show R.J. Sills joins the gang for a long overdue show about tokusatsu! What is tokusatsu? Isn’t it just Power Rangers? R.J. and Logan have all of the answers this week!

So what is tokusatsu? Tokusatsu, or toku for short, is a Japanese term that applies to any live-action film or television drama that features considerable use of special effects (tokusatsu literally translates as “special filming” in Japanese). As long as we’ve known R.J., he’s been trying to get us to talk toku, and he helped answer some of our biggest questions:

  • What is toku?
  • What are some great beginner tokusatsu series?
  • Are the toys the real reason to be a toku fan?

If you’ve ever watched Power Rangers, taken an interest in Japanese culture, or just like crazy good fight scenes, this episode and toku are for you!

Noticed that this episode is a bit shorter than previous episodes of the JustUs Geeks podcast? Well, that’s certainly not tokusatsu’s fault! You don’t want to miss our announcement after our toku talk, where you’ll find out about our new feature called Extra Geeky! What is Extra Geeky, you say? You’ll have to listen to learn more! (Also, check out justusgeeks.com on Tuesday once you listen to this tokusatsu episode!)

Also, the website is back, refreshed, and moved to a new host. Expect all new content to resume this week at justusgeeks.com!

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