Episode 199: Escape The Room


Tag along as the Geeks plan to an escape as they tackle an Escape the Room game in this week’s podcast.



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Escape the Room games are blowing up everywhere it seems like, and one has even made it’s way to the JustUs Geeks hometown. By now you’ve probably downloaded one of the millions of escape the room games on your device, but who knew these time-sucks would be so much fun in real life?

This week’s episode of the podcast was recorded at Corinth Escape Rooms, and the Geeks were tasked with escaping the most difficult room of all, the Shamrock Room. Matt, Josh, and Fact Checker Ian stumbled upon the Escape the Room place last weekend, and attempted to tackle the Shamrock Room.

Notice we said attempted.

For this week’s show, the three return with Logan and James and see if they can, once and for all, escape the room! But do they? Do they actually make it out? Listen to this week’s episode to find out!

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