Episode 201: Spoof Movies


This week’s episode is about those movies you love to hate: spoof movies. The Geeks talk parody film in this week’s short episode.


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This week’s episode is a short one, or a shorty as our friend Tim from I Heard That Was Good would sometimes refer to some of their episodes.

Sometimes, you just need to watch a really crappy movie, you know? This week’s topic, spoof movies, a lot of times get classified as such, but are they all that way? So what’s a spoof movie? A spoof movie is a film that mocks or parodies another movie or genre. This isn’t a new thing brought about by the Wayans Brothers either, some of the greatest pop culture films of all time are spoof films, and we talk about some of the best and worst in this week’s episode.


So what is your favorite spoof movie? Is it Spaceballs, Airplane!, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, or something entirely different? We want to hear from you! Let us know yours on social media or the comments below!

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