Episode 205: The Oscars


It’s Oscars time again, and the only question the matters is this: do we even need the Oscars? Find out in this week’s podcast.


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Hollywood’s biggest night is almost here, and the Oscars have once again taken centerstage. Year after year the royalty of the silver screen gather to pat each other’s backs, take home quarter million dollar gift bags, and more! Yes, the Oscars are quite a spectacle, and this week the Geeks pose the question of whether or not we still need the Oscars.

Don’t get us wrong; we are almost always fans of most Oscar-nominated/winning films. We go out in droves to watch films simply because of the “Oscar buzz” surrounding these films. However, year after year, Hollywood’s biggest money-makers, like that little Star Wars movie that came out before Christmas, get left out of Oscar contention.

But why? In this week’s episode we break down what we like about the Oscars, what we hate, and we even talk about some of this year’s nominated films. There’s lots of drama surrounding this year’s ceremony, and we lend our thoughts to whether or not Leo will finally that golden statue.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t.

So what’s your opinion on the little golden guy? Should we keep the awards around? Do you agree with our opinion? Let us know on social media and the comments below!

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