Episode 206: Sequels & Reboots


We ain’t afraid of no ghosts, but reboots and sequels are a whole other matter. This week’s podcast busts sequels and reboots the way no Ghostbuster could.



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By now, you’ve probably already seen the trailer for the new Ghostbusters film, which is set to hit the box office this summer. We posted it over in our Facebook group, JUGheads, Inc. (WHICH YOU SHOULD BE A MEMBER OF), and the comments started rolling. People love it! People hate it! People are still wondering if this is supposed to be a reboot or a sequel!

Our theme of sequels and reboots comes to us this week from our Facebook group thanks to JUGhead Eric Lehman! Want to suggest a topic to us? Join the group, suggest the topic, and we’ll get it in the rotation of topics. Thanks, Lehman!

So why are there so many sequels, reboots, and prequels? Can’t Hollywood have original ideas anymore? We answer this question and more in this week’s episode.

But no really, what the heck is going on with Ghostbusters? James has the official answer this week about whether the upcoming installment is actually a reboot or a sequel!

It’s almost time for Lexington Comic and Toy Convention; no reboots required for this amazing event! As always, we try to put together some sweet new t-shirts for our cons each year, and this year’s shirt might be the best JUG shirt yet! Check it out!

Want your very own JUG swag? We’ll be announcing how to pick some new JUG stuff this week!

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