Fall of Cybertron Preorder Incentives are G1 Prime, G2 Bruticus


I love video games.  And while I love video games, there is one thing about video games that I hate: preorder bonuses.  I hate that features from the game are split from the game and dangled in front of us like digital carrots.  It was made even worse when separate retailers got different incentives, with Best Buy, Gamestop, and Amazon all in on the “fun”.  I’m not one to cause a stir for games that do this like, say, Resident Evil…..but man, when you mess with my Transformers, you’re going to hear from me.

It was revealed today that Fall of Cybertron will have two exclusive retailer preorder bonuses, which, I hate to admit, are pretty sweet.  The first, a Gamestop exclusive, is G1 Optimus Prime playable in single player and multiplayer plus two weapons, one based off G1 Megatron’s gun mode, and one that seems to be inspired by Shockwave’s gun in the game.

The second, and a little more underwhelming, retailer exclusive is a skin for Bruticus that makes him appear in G2 colors (ah! my eyes!) in the game.  It actually makes him look more like the mass release toys that we are getting to me.  Judge for yourself in the picture below?

If you haven’t preordered the game, are these enough to make you rush right out and do so?  Or, are you fed up with these “bonuses” like me?  Sound off in the comments below!

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