Transformers Prime Revealers wave 5 and 6 up for preorder at Big Bad Toy Store


Ready for more Transformers?  Sure you are!  Revealed today in preorders through Big Bad Toy Store, we can now see the case assortments of waves 5 and 6 of the Transformers Prime Revealer class.  Take a look below to see the breakdown, plus a surprise addition to wave 5.

Wave 5:

1x Arcee
1x Hotshot
1x Airrachnid
1x Bumblebee V2
1x Deadend
2x Ironhide (!!!!!!! I thought this was supposed to be Sergeant Kup!!!!!!)
1x Rumble

Wave 6: (features new packaging)

2x Bumblebee
1x Wheeljack
1x Soundwave
1x Knockout
1x Vehicon
1x Ironhide
1x Rumble

This means that there will be no new figures in wave 6. And, even though we see the return of the dreaded Bumblebee mold, hope still lies in case revisions, like we reported on last week.  Stay tuned right here for more info, forthcoming pics of Ironhide when they are available, and much, much more.

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