Fall of Cybertron product shots from SDCC 2012


I really can’t think of anyone who is more excited about Fall of Cybertron than us Geeks.  Well, maybe the people who are making the game, but that’s it.  You know what gets me even more excited than that?  New images of the upcoming toys in the line.  Sure, we’re still missing Grimlock, who I can’t imagine not getting a toy of in this line, but check out all the toys displayed at San Diego Comic Con, including first actual product shots of Soundwave, Soundblaster, Air Raid (*cough*FIREFIGHT*cough*), Ratbat, Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Ultra Magnus, Kickback, Starscream, Sideswipe, and a badly transformed Bruticus!  Check out all the pics below, thanks to our friends over at seibertron.com!  They are there when we can’t be.  Thanks for the pics, guys!

Again, huge thanks to Seibertron for these images.  Keep checking back here for more SDCC Transformers updates and head on over to Seibertron for the best in Transformers news and community.


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