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JUG Turns 5

It’s incredibly rare that you get a non-podcast update here on justusgeeks.com anymore, but it’s a special day here at JUG.



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Josh here, and it’s not very often that we post actual articles to the site anymore, but today is a special day.

Five years ago today we published Episode 1 of the podcast (Yes, that’s an actual working link to Episode 1 of the podcast. SERENITY NOW!) and for the most part, we haven’t looked back. There have been lots of changes along the way, lots of good and bad times, but through it all JUG just kept right on going.

I’ll let my Facebook post marking the occasion say all that needs to be said.

Today is a pretty big day for me personally, and I thought I’d just say how much I appreciate all of you who have listened to the JustUs Geeks Podcast for the last five years. FIVE YEARS.

A lot of folks have helped make JUG possible over the years, and without them, this is just another mundane Thursday. To Jared Wallin, Marty Estes, and Brandon Smith: thank you for giving this thing life, and for all of the contributions you made to the show, the website, and for over 100 episodes of amazingly great fun. We’re still going now because you guys were so good. Getting you from topic-to-topic, from Skype to real gear, and some of the best food in my life was the honor of my lifetime. The JUG crowd misses you guys; we demand a reunion episode soon.

Jaimee Hannah and Corey Hannah: you Hannahs were our salvation when we needed it the most. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Ronnie McNutt: I can’t believe we got rid of you.

Tim Murphy and Carson Case: JUG isn’t here today without you both. I was ready to hang up the headphones when we got that email from I Heard That Was Good, and you guys kept me going. Thank you for your friendship, the fun, and for giving me 141 episodes of the best podcast I’ve ever heard.

Our long-time guests: Dan Marsh and Eric Plunk. Thank you for answering the call to fill-in time after time, and for being so generous with your time and late nights.

To JUG 2.0 – James Strachan, Logan Barnes, Matthew Wood (and even Ian McAnally): I’ve had more fun over the last couple of years than I’ve ever had in my entire life. Thank you for helping us take JUG to a totally different level. I’ll forever be indebted to you all for giving me your time, your energy, and your talent. Five more years sounds about right.

Coleman J. LeMaster: Thank you for agreeing to listen to a really long drawn-out recording, and then not looking back. Thank you for all of the work, the time, talent, and guidance you’ve given to JUG for (almost, for you) five years. Sincerely, thank you.

Emily Steen: Any other spouse would have probably murdered me for the miles put on vehicles, money spent on trips, money spent on equipment, and money spent on…just general podcast stuff. “Do you want me to quit?” – you could’ve answered that question differently for years, but I’m glad you didn’t. Thank you for putting up with the long hours, being forced to go places and be around people you didn’t like or know. Thank you for reminding me often how worthwhile this whole endeavor has been. Thank you for saying I’m your favorite Geek.

And to you; all of you who’ve listened at least once in the last five years: we owe you the most thanks.

To many more.

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  1. Chelsi 19 May, 2017 at 21:51 Reply

    It does. So many things are making so much sense and I’m feeling better already. I know now that it was never me but her. Now I can go on with my life, despite having plenty to sort through emioltnaoly, and know that it’s NOT me!

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