Huddle House Confessions: Volume 1


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After lots of shows, the Geeks and I usually set out to our local Huddle House for coffee, maybe some food, and to just talk about…well, not what we had talked about on the podcast. Huddle House has also been the traditional site for many a JustUs Geeks planning period. Long before that, though, Huddle House was the site for late night college conversations and more. You just sort of give up your ability to care about a lot of things when you’re eating buffalo shrimp and orange juice at midnight, and that’s the basis behind our new miniseries-type-thing.

Check out this first volume of near behind-the-scenes conversations with the Geeks, as we talk about almost everything from movies, music, politics, Star Wars, and more get a chance to see the Geeks in a different light. Is there a confessional? Guess you’ll have to listen to find out.

All you’ve got to do is click the image below and go check out Huddle House Confessions exclusively at audioBoom! Not following us on audioBoom? It’s free to download and use!

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