Episode 186: Spooky Stories


Don’t miss this week’s episode featuring some spooky stories, including one from Aaron Mahnke of the Lore podcast.



What makes a good spooky story? In this week’s episode of the podcast the Geeks wander off into the abyss of spooky storytelling, and they’re fortunate enough to have iTunes creepiest storyteller, Aaron Mahnke of the Lore podcast, lend a hand in telling a spooky tale.

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The Geeks tackle spooky storytelling, even bringing a few of their very own personal encounters to the table this week. Here’s what’s going bump in the night in this episode:

  • We give you the answer to what makes a good spooky story!
  • Fact vs. Fiction: which is creepier?
  • Logan shares a personal spooky true-life story.
  • Matt reveals his deepest fear.
  • James has a visitor.
  • “When you die you come back until you get it right.” – WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!?!
  • Black-Eyed Children: equally as scary as the Black Eyed Peas.


We are really thankful this week to have Aaron Mahnke of Lore tell us a creepy tale; it’s a mini Lore episode! Remember when we highlighted Lore in the last edition of Podspot? We hope you’ve been listening to Lore since then.

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