Is this the new iPhone?


Sources seem to suggest so.  And, if they are true, this is what we could all be carrying in our back pockets come this fall.  Thanks to our friends over at 9to5mac, who posted these shots a couple of days ago, we can see the possible future.  If this is indeed the next iPhone, then it does go in line with some of the things that we have been hearing (4 inch screen, aluminum/liquid metal back, smaller charging port, different location for the headphone jack)  Some of my fellow geeks may disagree with me and say that this is nothing, that those look cheap and that the form factor doesn’t fit in with Apple’s design philosophy, but I’m willing to trust 9to5mac on this one.  They were the first ones to show the iPhone 4, and it stands to reason that they wouldn’t show this without a little bit of certainty.  Hit the jump to look at a few more pictures, and then chime in and tell us if you think these are legit or not.

HT to 9to5mac for the pictures

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