Meet your new best friend: Jetpack Joyride updates with a robotic, coin collecting dog


Hot on the heels of one of the best app updates ever, Jetpack Joyride maestros Halfbrick Studios are back with EVEN MORE stuff for you to obsessively play Jetpack Joyride to collect coins for.  From a robotic dog to a remixed theme song, you’ll find a lot to play with in this update, including:

  • Flash – a robot dog who collects coins, knocks over scientists, and more.  Vehicles are even updated so Flash can use them too.
  • Dezapinator – emits a special frequency that causes nearby zappers to be destroyed.
  • Turbo Boost – a machine flies in front of Barry spawning boost rings
  • DJ Headphones – buy this in the clothing section to get a techno remix of the game’s main theme

And there you have it.  More fun to suck you into additional hours of jetpack goodness.  Go download the update right now!

Jetpack Joyride is sold by Halfbrick Studios and is available in the iOS (sorry, Android users) app store for FREE!

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