Redbox-ing Max Payne 3? Don’t Bother if you Have Xbox


So, tonight I decided to rent Max Payne 3 because Brandon gave it such a good review on Podcast Episode 8. I drove up to the local Redbox, waited 15 minutes for some indecisive person to pick a movie and get out of my way, and told the machine I wanted to pick up my reservation. Quick and easy.

When I got back in my car, I opened the case to make sure the disc wasn’t damaged, and then saw something interesting. The case only contained one disc, even though clearly emblazoned on that one disc was “Single Player Disc 1 / Multiplayer”


Then I was curious. Had I missed something? Was there supposed to be a separate disc to come out of the vending machine? I looked up to see. Nope, nothing else there. Hmm.

Worried that I would be charged for keeping the 2nd disc if I returned the game without it, I called Redbox’s customer service number. After about a 10 minute wait I got a friendly lady on the phone. I told her I had just rented a newly released game that was supposed to have 2 discs but only contained 1.

“Max Payne 3?”

“Yes m’am.”

*long pause, I assume for her to bring up her script*

“Yes, Max Payne has two discs on the Xbox 360. However, we aren’t able to rent more than one disc without charging extra for it. We decided to rent just Disc One because it contains the Multiplayer and has at least 10 hours of single player gameplay, depending on your skill level.”

“I see…”

“Yes sir. This way you can sample the game and decide on if you want to buy the whole thing.”

Sounds kinda fishy to me. Like the all powerful “We hate used and second hand games!” Video Game Lobby has gotten to Redbox. What do you guys think?

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