Sony releasing Nasne (good luck pronouncing that) in Japan to Fans Who Own lots of Sony Junk



So JUG heads, do you own tons of Sony products? Like an Xperia Play, a ps3, a Vaio, and a Vita? Do you have 210 US dollars (or like.. a bazillion yen) laying around? Well you might just be interested in a product Sony is putting out in Japan then. The Nasne (pronounced like… ehh… I have no clue) hooks up to your ps3 and can record TV shows that can be shared between all your Sony devices. The TV streaming program Torne, a dedicated ps3 app that comes packaged with Nasne, also converts and can send the recorded programs to other Sony screens. Watch your favorite TV show before you go to work, load it up to your vita, and carry it with you on the way.

It’s a neat concept and all, but it does seem kind of pricy to me. No North American release date has been given yet, and for some reason I somewhat doubt one will ever be announced. It will all depend on how well it sells in Japan, but the Vita is certainly struggling in sales here. I wonder if it could send the recorded TV shows to my 3DS instead…..

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  1. Marty 18 April, 2012 at 08:59 Reply

    Again, let me repeat what I said on the latest podcast: I just want to buy a game system. There are tons of devices out there at already specialize in recording and transmitting video, and probably do it better. Why can’t Sony understand this?

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