Spiderman Reboot Frontrunner?


Guess who’s the rumored front runner for the new Spidey? Hugo nuts when you hear this!

According to Latino Review, Ender’s Game star Asa Butterfield leads the pack of young actors being considered for the Sony/Marvel MCU Spidey reboot. Other contenders include Nat Wolff, Tom Holland, Timothee Chalamet, and Liam James.

Butterfield is best known for his roles on the TV show Merlin, in addition to movies such as Hugo and Ender’s Game.

So, what age-range is being considered? Are we going to see Spiderman as a kid? Spiderman as a teenager? Spiderman in a diaper?

As far as age goes, Butterfield would fit in Sony/MCU’s plans for a young teenage Spiderman. If he is indeed cast in the role, he will be the third actor to portray the webhead in thirteen years. The real question is this: how does teenage Spiderman fit in to the Avengers story?

How do you guys feel about this? Sound game to you? Comment below, and let know how you feel.

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