The new “RoboCop” looks just a dumb as we feared. See for yourself!


Lots of bad vibes are coming out of the new RoboCop movie, with various rumors and reports of problems and delays and the director being quoted saying the production has been “hell” like.
We’d heard last year from the new actor playing RoboCop, Joel Kinnaman from “The Killing”, that their version of the cyborg would be “more human” and you’d be able to “see his eyes” because, of course, they are the window to the soul and all.


Well thanks to, here are some spy photos taken on set… and… ugh. RoboCop has such an iconic look, and unlike a lot of 80’s properties has aged pretty dang well. So why completely throw it out the window with this mess? It looks like the suits used so terribly in the first G.I. Joe movie.


What do y’all think?




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