#TokuTuesday – Dino Charge Review


Here’s our review of the newest Power Rangers series!

Dino Charge Review

That’s right folks! The first episode of the newest episode of Power Rangers and its newest season, Dino Charge, is here!

The first episode was a breath of fresh air after the last few years of nothing but stale storytelling and basic acting. Now, that isn’t a knock against the casts of the last few teams – they are great in their own right – it’s just that with poor direction and production behind the scenes, we get subpar results. Samurai and Megaforce were okay shows, but the fact that this ONE episode of Dino Charge has reinvigorated the fandom’s hope in this show when than over 80 episodes the last four years couldn’t, that says a lot.

There was no stock footage from Kyoryuger, we are only introduced to four of the core five rangers, and we learn the Red Ranger’s father has been missing for ten years. It ends with one of the main villains smelling Energems…

I cannot wait for the next episode and the rest of the season. You can watch it for yourself on Nick.com, or on Hulu.com.

Are you excited for this season? Were you a fan of Kyoryuger and now wonder how Dino Charge will differ? Let JustUs Geeks know!

Also! Have you listened to Episode 151, where four guys watch Fifty Shades of GreyListen to it here!

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