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Don’t miss our final #TokuTuesday for 2014! Here’s our year in review.

Tokasatsu 2014

Well folks, 2014 has been a good year for Tokusatsu! We had new shows, new toys, new movies, and even bigger events happen!

To start off, in February we had Power Rangers Super Megaforce premiere, the twenty first season, continuing the story of Power Rangers Megaforce. This season had the five Rangers defending Earth from The Armada, a huge invasion force unlike any the Earth has seen before (well, except for that invasion from Astronema back in ‘in Space’)! The Super Mega Rangers must use the powers of every previous Power Ranger before them, even some never seen on the planet before, and after the arrival of a mysterious Silver Ranger, the six use their newfound legendary power and suit up to save the world!

Also in February — on the Japanese Toku side of things — we had Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger (soon to be known as Power Rangers Dino Charge here in the States), in its final stretch of episodes. The now ten Kyoryugers fought to end the Deboss army and thwart their goal of eradicating humanity for good. Following this season, Ressha Sentai ToQger premiered, in which five kids must use their imagination to save the world from the Shadow Line, an evil group who wishes to suck the imagination of everyone and fall into despair. Using the trains of the Rainbow Line, these bright young ones must use all they have to stay bright and defeat this newest evil!

Kamen Rider Gaim started in late October 2013, so it had most of this year to get into its stride. Boy — did it hit its stride! What started off as a show about fruit samurai facing off against an evil corporation turned into one of the best dramas I have ever seen. At some points, it’s a soap opera with teenagers and giant fruit weapons. Following Gaim’s breakaway from what seemed like the patterns of the last few years of Rider, Kamen Rider Drive started his engine, and this show follows a detective and his team as they take on clock stopping monsters with his trusty Shift Cars!

American Tokusatsu had another big hit this year because in May we had the return of the big ole Toku Grandaddy himself — Godzilla. Instead of running away, I ran into the theater to see him on the big screen. This movie was a great one to kick off a possible new franchise, and just a great one by itself. It is honestly a bit weird to see Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch making out, but once you see the giant monsters fighting it out, it gets way better.

To finish off this look back at Tokusatsu 2014, I thought I’d mention a few highlights: In August 2014, we had Power Morphicon, the biannual convention of nothing but Power Rangers stuff! Not only did Austin St John (Jason Lee Scott) return to the convention scene, Yuuta Mochizuki arrived — Geki of Zyuranger, the guy who originally used the suit Jason would later wear — both Red Rangers were in one place, and it was a huge marvel to even think about. I would even call it a once in a lifetime chance (well twice, if you’re able to get to Lexington KY in March 2015). There was also an event Bandai America held online called ‘Morphin’ Madness’. An online poll where fans could pick who the top five best Rangers were, it evolved into fans choosing sides with some former Rangers going a bit too far with the whole thing, and eventually the top five being Mighty Morphin Red and White, Time Force Pink, Turbo Phantom Ranger, and the Lightspeed Rescue Titanium Ranger. Oh, and Shout! Factory released the Legacy Collection, a huge MMPR Red Ranger helmet filled with the first twenty seasons of Power Rangers — 98 discs containing all the episodes, 6 of which are nothing but bonus features! It started out at $650, but is now down to $400 for holiday sale, and only limited to 2000. I personally say you should get it if you want it because it won’t be around forever!

Ending the year, stores have started to stock toys for Power Rangers Dino Charge. Your local store might have them in, but if not, they’ll get there before the show premieres in early February. With Dino Chargers, Megazord and zords, new Ranger figures, a new Morpher and weapons, it’s just the beginning of a new year as one ends.

I hope you all enjoyed this look back at one of my favorite things. I have enjoyed all the time and friends I have made this year with Toku. I am glad I have the opportunity to share my thoughts with those of you who may be interested in it. What did you experience with Toku this year? Anything big happen? Anything Toku related you’d like to see talked about? Let us know over at JustUsGeeks! I hope you all enjoyed these articles, and just know 2015 will start out with three Legacy of Power articles as I finish up the look back at MMPR! Until then, may the power protect y’all!

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