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HBO’s Silicon Valley is the best show you are not watching on Sunday nights.

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HBO owns Sunday night, and for me, Sunday night is probably now the best night on television.

With the season finales of The Walking Dead, and True Detective I went looking for something other than the expected trek into Game of Thrones. While, yes, some prime time television networks are stepping their game up with some great programming, hiding in the shadow of Game of Thrones stood the answer: Silicon Valley.

Mike Judge, the guy behind Beavis and Butthead and King Of The Hill, brings us this great sitcom about six guys living in an incubator in Palo Alto who stumble, quite accidentally, onto a golden piece of software.

Silicon Valley, while only two episodes in, features a cast that perfectly fits the bill as Silicon Valley start-up guys, all while centering around a couple of ficitional Google-like/Bill Gates-ish companies and people.

One thing Mike Judge does perfectly every single time is character development, and this series doesn’t seem to be any differently.

We’d love to know what you think! Tell us if you’ve watched Silicon Valley, and what you think about it! Silicon Valley airs every Sunday night at 10PM Eastern\9 PM Central on HBO.

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