Wii U Tablet Controller has Global Screenshot Capability



As Wii U consoles worm their way to reviewers around the country, more and more details are surfacing about Nintendo’s next big thing. The ability to take a screenshot of whatever is happening on the tablet screen at any time (whether its during app or game usage) is a welcome add-on. This feature could make sharing leaderboard screens or cool moments in a game as easy as pushing a button. Also, this feature isn’t terribly surprising seeing as how most every smart phone and tablet has a screenshot feature. The only piece of information we are lacking currently is whether or not these images can be sent to those on your friends list, or even stored on an SD card. We do know now at this point that downloads can not directly be sent to an SD card (they have to be moved manually later) so hopefully we can also store any pictures taken on an SD card as well. That is possible on all DS models that utilize expandable memory devices and have a camera so it makes sense this feature should exist as well on the Wii U tablet controller.


Stay tuned next week as the Geeks get their hands on the Wii U and give their full run downs of the hardware, the games, and whether or not this puts Nintendo back in the big leagues.

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