Wave 3 Transformers Generations Fall of Cybertron in package shots


Need a little more Insecticon in your growing collection of Fall of Cybertron toys?  Maybe some Starscream?  Or, maybe you can’t deal with that right now.  Whatever you lack, it seems that wave 3 of Transformers Generations, which continues with figures from the Fall of Cybertron video game, has something for you.  Granted, most of the figures are remolds or repaints, but we can get past that, right?  Check out the gallery below for some in package shots of Ultra Magnus, Air Raid (Fire Flight), Sideswipe, and new molds Starscream and Kickback, who will undoubtedly come packed one to a case, so you can enjoy being frustrated.  These are shipping from robotkingdom right now, so they should be Stateside within a month or so.

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