5 Reasons Geeks Hate The Walking Dead


It’s the other side of the coin; here’s some reason geeks can’t stand AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Walking Dead Hate

Last week’s season premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead went very well, according to reports from AMC. Last week I gave you the  5 Reasons Geeks Love The Walking Dead; here’s the other side of the fandom.


Reason One: Zombies

Walkers Inside

Where do we actually stand with the zombies from the show; sometimes it seems like we can go an episode or two without even seeing one.

One of the greatest thing that the comics do so well is the overbearing feeling that these characters could be suddenly attacked at any given moment. Yes, last week’s premiere had a decent amount of the dead outside of the prison gates, yet our cast of characters have gotten far too comfortable.

We also STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT DID THIS! C’mon, man, we just want to know! Give us some clue, some idea as to what was behind television and comic’s most nefarious group of undead!

Oh, might I also mention that, while totally possible in the event of a zombie outbreak, I just don’t feel like it’s all that likely (probably…) that a walker would still be fully engulfed in their riot gear.

Moving on.


Reason Two: The Comic

Countdown TWO Featured copy

I said it last week, and I’ll say it again: geeks love comics. TWD comic geeks REALLY love their comics.

One of the greatest parts of a comic developed outside of the mainstream Big 3 of Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse, is that these groups build huge and rabid fanbases. This comic was around six years before the show even aired; people became engulfed in this story and these characters for a long time before AMC decided to take a chance on the show.

The comic purists that follow Kirkman are almost disgusted with what the show has turned in to; what exactly are they trying to do here? Different characters, new places and situations, and not to mention Daryl. Kirkman had a brilliant story, and somehow thought he needed to alter it?

The argument for both TV and comic sides of this issue are both incredibly valid, and you won’t win an argument with either one. By now at least most enthusiasts of both sides have reached over into the sides and read or watched the other; it’s in my opinion that while vastly different, both are pretty great.

If you still aren’t sure if you’d like the comic, check out our War Report Countdown that lead up to the All Out War story arc.


Reason Three: The Combat


Geeks love accuracy; whether it be in story or a gun range.

Last week I mentioned how much geeks love video games, and related it to the action sequences in the show. Trust me, if you didn’t make a comic geek mad enough with comparing and contrasting the show, just bring up Herschel’s magic shotgun.

For the purists out there, the combat is way over dramatized and run through the “TV Magic” filter. Yes, the vast majority of these people would die in a zombie outbreak, mainly for their own stupidity, not to mention the fact that they really aren’t prepared for it. Rick and Shane, two old pros; Andrea and Dale? Well…we all know what happened to them anyway, even if they did at one point in the show drive around Herschel’s farm a la Grand Theft Auto and headshot walkers around a burning barn.

Even after suspending your disbelief, the combat is truly off.

(Note: In the event of a zombie outbreak, do not depend on your own shotgun; it is not magical.)


Reason Four: Stuff And Things

Stuff and Things

Self explanatory.




Reason Five: The Characters


You know it was coming, right?

For the comic purists out there, here’s your chance to finally have a leg to stand on: who the heck are some of these people?!?

One of the most brilliant aspects of the comic are the characters and the relationships they develop. There’s no Shane sticking around way too long, Horrible Parent of the Year Lori Grimes, and well, there’s Daryl.

Yes, that’s right, Daryl freakin’ Dixon. While Norman Reedus is quite possibly one of the coolest people on Earth, Candy Crush aside, the show has become a bit to dependent on him, much less even existing.

One of my biggest continual problems with the TV series is the absence of the leadership and awesomeness that is Comic Rick Grimes. Andrew Lincoln, fantastic actor, but his character is not the same as the one-handed man we’ve known to love and loathe these past 116 issues.

Don’t even get me started on Michonne either…there’s just simply not enough space or time.

While the characters do have a great bit to do with the success of the TV series, they are still not quite up to par with Kirkman’s original creations.

There are plenty more reasons we geeks HATE The Walking Dead, we want to hear from you! Let us know over on Twitter!

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