Blast From The Past! Episode 1 of the JustUs Geeks Podcast


As promised on Periscope, here’s the very first episode of the JustUs Geeks Podcast

Wow…this has been gone for an incredibly long time, and not until a Periscope chat last week did I even think about the very first episode of the podcast not being online. Every so often I’ll get an email from a brand new listener of the show saying that they’ve just found the podcast, and have listened to the vast majority of the catalogue.

This episode has it all, including the original cast of the podcast, and for me it’s incredibly weird to hear just how far the show has come since March of 2012. This episode features conversation about Season 2 of The Walking Dead, Mass Effect 3, Transformers, some Retina iPad talk, and our old social media links. CRAZINESS!

This episode will only be online for a very limited time, so make sure you give it a listen while you can. BEWARE: THIS IS VERY DIFFERENT THAN THE VERSION OF THE SHOW WE CURRENTLY PRODUCE EVERY WEEK! Just throwing that out there.

So what do you think about this? Should we start featuring an older episode of the podcast every week? Let us know over on Twitter or in the comments below.

Have you listened to the latest episode of the podcast? It’s all about Tokusatsu, featuring RJ Sills! Click here to listen!

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Josh Steen is the founder of the JustUs Geeks, and is the host of the JustUs Geeks Podcast. Josh is also a dad, husband, and graphic designer. He geeks out over sports, video games, music, and Transformers. Have an idea for a story or podcast topic? Let him know via social media or email!


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