Episode 167: Loot Crate


In this week’s episode, the Geeks crack open the May 2015 box from Loot Crate! Also, the war to end all podcasts takes shape!

As we mentioned in last week’s episode of the podcast, we are incredibly fortunate to have Loot Crate as some new friends of the JustUs Geeks podcast. This week the good folks at Loot Crate sent us the May 2015 box for us to open, and we decided to do it on this week’s show.

As lots of you already know, we broadcast portions of our show each week on Periscope, which is great, because it allows us to geek out with a totally different audience. This week, obviously, our Periscope audience got to see what most of our listeners wouldn’t: the really awesome stuff in the Loot Crate box! Have no fear, non-Periscopians; we’ve taken the video from our Periscope segment and put it over on our YouTube channel! Go check out all of the neat stuff we got to unbox, and see what makes Loot Crate so awesome! Click here to check out our Loot Crate unboxing video! While you’re over on our YouTube channel you can check out our great footage from LexCon 2015, see our interview with Chester the Corndog, and lots more! Subscribe to us today; we’ve got lots of cool stuff coming up!

The May box from Loot Crate was INCREDIBLE, but it seems like the June box will be even better! Good news, everyone; you can get your own Loot Crate! Head on over to www.lootcrate.com/justusgeeks and use the Discount Code: justusgeeks and save $3 on your first box of awesomeness! Try it for a month, or sign up for a year, but don’t miss out!

During the break this week we talk about a good friend of the show, and the great things he is doing on Twitch. Listen to the commercial break, and give Dylan one more freakin’ health by subscribing to his Twitch stream!

Things take a pretty serious turn after the break, as the Geeks discover that their “friends” from I Heard That Was Good called them out about the upcoming karaoke massacre that will soon take place! This is no Karaoke Kontroversy, Tim and Carson, this is Karaoke War! Who will win in this epic battle? That will be decided very soon. Hear the Geeks’ discussion about how they plan to win this fight!

As usual, the guys round out the show with a bit of movie news, and Jams of the Week!

Now, lots of you tell us on social media how much you enjoy/hate the way we close our show every week, and this week’s closing is one for the ages! BUT…why should we have all the fun? Here’s what we are going to do! We want you to record yourself jamming along with My Heart Will Go On and send it to us! We’ll take your videos, combine them with all four of the JustUs Geeks, and we’ll make one amazing video we’ll feature on the website! Record it, send it to us on Twitter, Facebook, or by email, and together we can break the Interwebs!

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